Touchscreen Chomebook?

It is being rumored that Google will be releasing a touchscreen version of Chromebook with 12.85 inch screen. China Times say that Compal will be manufacturing 20 million units of it initially. Most of the Windows 8 laptops now come with touchscreen displays and it is natural that Google does not want to feel lag behind. The price of this new touchscreen Chromium laptop is going to be higher than the current model that retails GBP 229 (350 USD).

touchscreen chromebook

Back in the month of May, Google had infact, hinted at a move towards making touchscreen computers where they said that they are incorporating support of touchscreen in Chromebooks. If all these rumors are true, then the Chromium computers will blur the differences between Android tablets and current gen Chrombooks. Also check Acer C7 specs.


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