Acer ZGB

We mentioned in 2009 about Acer working on a Chromium netbook (which turned out to be Acer ZGA) last year but then there were several reports of Acer cancelling the project. Now, a mention of a netbook with Chrome OS called ZGB has been spotted in a bug report (filed few hours back). This is what the report says,


Found device ID 0x56
Found revision ID 0x01
Mode 1366×768 (43)
1366×768, dot clock 69310000 -Hsync -Vsync
H: start 1414, end 1446, skew 0, total 1462
V: start 770, end 775, total 790
Firmware size = 2691 bytes.
CH7036 MCU ver 1.4, Device 56 rev 1, capability 0x1

According to Macles, this is a Chrome netbook with 1366 x 768 pixel resolution and features an HDMI port, something which the Google CR48 lacks. They also say that the netbook will powered by an Atom processor, just like any other netbook in town. It is just sad to see that there is no mention of Fusion chips by AMD

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