Teclast Tbook 11 is an excellent dual booting tablet

Teclast Tbook 11 is an ultra compact tablet computer running the latest version of Windows operating system which right next is Windows 10. It packs a decent 10.6 inch screen packing full HD resolution. We have been told that it has been borrowed from Samsung and we adore its clarity and saturation levels. Everything on the Teclast Tbook 11 display is so clear and crisp.

Teclast Tbook 11 review

This is a dual booting tablet meaning you will be able to run both android and windows operating systems on it. Right now, some popular retailers are selling the Teclast Tbook 11 for mere 174 dollars which is part of their flash sale. What’s more – this price tag includes free shipping to any part of the world. Teclast Tbook 11 packs more than enough power for getting your daily tasks done and that is why it made it to the best laptop deal list of Canada. It has great battery life and delivers decent performance as well.

Teclast Tbook 11 is powered by Intel Atom Z8300 processor that runs at 1.44GHz under normal mode and goes up to 1.84GHz under turbo boost mode. Unlike laptops and tablets with atom processors, this is a full blown 64 bit processor packing quad cores and can even handle tough tasks like video editing with ease. The processor is more than enough powerful to handle windows 10 and android 5.1 without any hiccups.

The Atom Z8300 processor is backed by the powerful Intel HD Graphic Gen8 GPU which lets you watch full HD movies on its full 1920 x 1080 screen with ease. This when coupled with spacious 4GB RAM, you have an ultrabook laptop-tablet that lets user enjoy advanced multitasking. So you can let it do crunch videos and do photo editing – all at once.

For storage, the Teclast Tbook 11 comes with 64GB flash storage that is expandable via micro SD card slot. This is also known as TF card expansion in some countries. You can add up to 128GB micro SD on it.

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