Samsung XE500C21-A04US

Samsung has released a new Series 5 Chromium netbook just in time for Christmas. This new model, XE500C21-A04US, features a 12.1 inch display and come with 2x USB 2.0 ports, SD card slot – all packed in a frame that is mere 0.79 inches thick.


This Samsung chromebook uses Superbright technology that is 36 percent more brighter than an ‘ordinary’ LCD display. Information about its processor is not available, but we do know that it has a dual core processor by Intel.

The body has been given matte finish so that it does not catches fingerprints very easily. The keyboard has been stretched to its very edges to ensure super comfortable typing experience. Battery life is said to be around 6 hours. It is only available in Piano Black finish and will cost you 350 dollars.

It is surprising that Samsung did not go for the Cedartrail M processors. May they want to improve user experience?


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