Introducing the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook

The exquisitely designed Samsung Series 5 notebook computer, or “Chromebook” has finally been released. The Series 5 is built with a dual-core, 1.66Ghz Intel Antom N570 processor, 2GB of RAM and a beautifully clear 12.1 inch screen. The petite 16GB hard disk isn’t likely to take your breath away, but Chrome OS’ cloud-based file storage system, eight hour battery life and the rapid eight second boot time just might.


There are two main models of the Series 5: a Wi-Fi only model and a Wi-Fi and 3G model. The Wi-Fi only model is perfect if you’re only looking to use it at home and the office, but as an internet connection is absolutely essential for Chrome OS to run properly the 3G model is the wiser investment which only runs at $70 (or £50 in the UK) more expensive than the Wi-Fi only model.


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