How to install Linux on Samsung Chromebook

Folks at ARM have posted a tutorial where they show how to install Linux operating system on a Samsung Chromebook. This will be appreciated by those who find the Chrome OS a bit too closed for their liking. Supported models include Samsung Chromebook 1 XE303C12, Samsung Chromebook 2 11.6″ XE503C12 and Samsung Chromebook 2 13.3″ XE503C32.

How to install Linux on Samsung Chromebook

Description of the Linux installation on Samsung Chromebook:

This guide provides instructions to build and run a GNU/Linux distribution on the Samsung Chromebook devices as an alternative to the Chrome OS operating system. Some experience with Linux as a programmer is expected in order to use this guide.

While the ARM has posted a nice step by step instruction page for this, we do not recommend it for faint of heart as it can brick your chromium netbook or laptop. It will also delete all the data stored on your computer so in case you re install it, you will be forced to start afresh.


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