Google Chromium OS goes native code

Next year, when the Google Chrome OS will finally surface on the netbooks, it will execute native code on behalf of myriad of Google Apps like Gmail, Google Docs and Spreadsheets.

To make sure that everything runs at blistering speed, Google won’t be using any of the third party plugins for this. This means that java, Flash and Silverlight are out of equation.

According to Google, the core reason this is being done is in order to get the much required performance boost. Native Client Project is the one that is handling the native code inside Chrome’s web browser. However, it currently works only in x86 machines.

It will be interesting to see how they are able to get it ported to ARM processor as Chrome OS is meant to be run on not only x86 processors, but also on ARM processors that will be used in Smartbooks. Good news is that Google is already making a version that will be compatible with the ARM infrastructure.

Google’s new programming language called Go will also be made compatible with this native client.


source: theregister

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