Chrome OS to be targeted by hackers in 2010?

Chrome OS could become a hackers’ victim before its final version is released to the public in 2010. This is what the director of threat management, Masiello, at McAfee thinks.

Masiello further said that since the Chromium is the new kid on the block, it will be one of the primary targets. This has happened to Windows Vista and Windows 7 before they were even released.

Since, Chromium OS heavily relies on the HTML5, which is yet to be fully tested. This has also lured the hackers in breaking the technology that is yet to be proven.

That said, we all know it that Google is not some random company that will let the hackers get so easily into the OS. It is the GOOGLE where security is of top-most concern. I am sure that the battle between Google and Hackers is surely going to be interesting because Google is not Microsoft, or dare shall I say, Apple


source: itproportal

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