Chrome OS – Most promising Netbook operating system ever

Google Chrome OS aka Chromium OS has been getting a lot of great reviews from all over the net. Many of them are saying that it will rival the Microsoft Windows 7 Starter which is being bundled with most of the netbooks these days.

Google Chrome OS directly takes you to the web browser immediately when logged in. Since the only application that runs on it is a web-browser, it runs at an amazing speed on netbooks which do not sport very powerful processors like Macbook Pro or the high end Dell XPS gaming rigs. In our tests, it took us to the web-browser almost instantaneously after logging-in with out Gmail account.

Given the ability to pin tabs, the Chrome OS’s browser makes sure that the tabs stay pinned in the same location forever. Currently, there is no way to install apps on it, but we are sure that Google will introduce equivalent web apps

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