Chromium OS now available in 64-bit!

ChromiumOS64 is the new Chrome OS project that promises to make the chrome OS for the 64-bit CPUs. The ChromiumOS64 also features Xen hypervisor. It also allows the users to the run virtual machines on Linux as-well-as Windows-powered machines. Download size is mere 1GB. Note that it is a pre-alpha release

chromium os 64 bit

ChromiumOS64 is an unofficial port of the original Google’s Chromium OS project (when officially released in 2010, it will be called Google Chrome OS) to the x86_64 64-bit architecture. The original Chromium OS project does not support 64-bit platforms. This is because the majority of the netbooks in the market are based on Intel Atom processors, which are mostly 32-bit. It is highly anticipated that Google’s Chrome OS will debut in 2010, based on the open source Chromium OS project, which is itself based on Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala GNU / Linux Ubuntu itself is derived from Debian GNU/Linux. In turn, Debian itself is derived from Linus Torvalds’ Linux kernel.

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