Celeron powered Samsung Series 5 Chromium Netbook

While a slew of laptop companies released Celeron powered Windows notebooks last year, none released a Celeron powered Chromium netbook – until now. Samsung has released an Intel Celeron based Series 5 Chromebook. This new budget processor powered netbook replaces the Atom N570 dual core chip that was used in the previous model.

Celeron powered Samsung Series 5 Chromium Netbook

Low powered Celeron processors typically have TDP of around 17 watts, which is almost triple of Atom CPUs. However, I am sure that Samsung must have done a lot of customizations to make sure battery life runtimes are not affected much. Other than the change in processor, it now features a new matte lid instead of glossy one as found in the old model.

There are no other changes. It still has the 12.1 inch display, 16GB flash storage, 802.11n Wi-Fi, optional 3G and would sell for 400 dollars for the Wi-Fi only version and 450 dollars for the 3G verison. Expect it to become available in Q2 2012.


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