Chromium runs fine on ARM platform

It is not a new news that Chromium OS will be available on both x86 as-well-as ARM platform. Although we have seen it working fine on the x86-platform here and here, but we were yet to see an ARM processor running it.

Charbax from has posted a video which shows an ARM netbook equipped with Armada 510 processor running an early built of Chrome OS compiled for ARM platform. In the video one can see that it is running fine on it, but Flash is not yet supported. Also, folks at ARM are working to provide support for bringing hardware acceleration to the Chrome OS platform

The Armada 510 is a fairly powerful processor that supports 1080p video playback. It currently fully supports Windows Mobile, Android and Ubuntu. Here is another video of a (concept) tablet that is running Android OS and supports 1080p HD video playback


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