Chromium Netbooks and Cloud computing

Google Chromium netbooks have already hit the market and are being sold for a fairly decent price tag to attract the casual users. I never received my Google Cr-48 (even after repeated requests to Google) so I cannot say for sure if I can store everything in the servers up there in the cloud completely, but I did use Chrome web browser on my laptop to do everything that I normally do on my computer.


So, how were the results? Well, it worked pretty well as my needs include blogging, minor picture edits, emails and even some FTP stuff. My web host offers php hosting and I was able to control everything inside the web browser itself. I just cannot wait for Google to make all of their apps available offline as that will make Chromebook even more effective. Oh, and I was even able to play Angry Birds inside the web browser itself and it is not an easy to implement inside the web browser.

Right now, Chrome netbooks are available with two display sizes Р11.6 and 12.1 inch screen and start for around 350 dollars. This is a good price point to start from, but I think it could be less. Chrome OS is open source, just like the source of my site (wordpress) and platform of my site, which is using linux website hosting to store the content which clearly tells you I am a huge fan of open source. So, the scope for reducing the price for chromium netbooks is there and it can surpass windows netbooks with ease if they reduce the price to somewhere around 250 dollars.


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