Acer C738T specifications: Hybrid Chromebook with detachable display

While detachable laptops are very popular right now, we are yet to see a chromebook or a chromium netbook with a hybrid design. Looks like Acer C738T is going to be the first Chromebook with Intel Braswell.

Acer C738T specifications

Folks at winfuture have details on the this upcoming Acer Chromebook. This hybrid comes with a folding 360 degrees touch screen. The idea of ​​this Acer C738T is to fold both sides of the chassis back to back to convert it into a slate tablet format. You can find a good list of detachable laptops here. The formula is good, if not perfect, since it offers original positions like laptop, tablet and tent mode that is very popular among Lenovo Yoga tablets.

Acer C738T specifications include 11.6 inch IPS display packing 1366 x 768 pixel resolution, Intel Celeron N3150 Braswell processor clocked at 1.6 GHz with 2MB cache, 6W TDP, 4GB RAM and meager 16GB of eMMC storage. A MicroSD card reader can be used to expand the internal flash storage. For ports you get HDMI and 2x USB (1x USB 3.0) ports.


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